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1 Schedule of DySoC Journal Club

Meeting are schedule from 11.15 to 12.05 in the room 105 @ NIMBioS

Date Presenter Papers/thematics slides
01/10 NA Organisational meeting NA
01/27 Simon Evolution of Moralizing Gods here
02/10 Damian Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency’s impact NA
02/24 Lou Human Risk Perception and Climate Change NA
03/09 TBD TBD
03/23 TBD TBD
04/06 TBD TBD
04/20 TBD TBD
04/27 TBD TBD

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2 List of Discussed Topics

2.1 Evolution of Moralizing Gods

Title Date Authors url pdf
Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history 2019 Whitehouse et al. nature pdf
Corrected analyses show that moralizing gods precede complex societies but serious data concerns remain 2019 Beheim et al. psyarxiv pdf
Historians Respond to Whitehouse et al.(2019) 2019 Slingerland et al. psyarxiv pdf

Answers from Withouse et al. to the two last papers:

Misc. info, blog posts and discussions:

2.2 Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency’s impact

Title Date Authors url pdf
Assessing the Russian Internet Research Agency’s impact on the political attitudes and behaviors of American Twitter users in late 2017 2020 Bail et al. pnas pdf

2.3 Human Risk Perception and Climate Change

Title Date Authors url pdf
Linking models of human behavior and climate alters projected climate change 2018 Beckage et al. Nature Climate Change
Accounting for the Human Factor 2018 Gilligan Nature Climate change

Gilligan (2018) is a comment that will give you more context about Beckage et al. (2018) ; and for more information you can also read the NIMBioS’ press release about Beckage et al. (2018) paper here.

The group involved in Beckage et al. (2018) paper continues to work on similar topics with the support of the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC). You can visit their webpage (SESYNC.org) to find more publications and researches on similar topics and ask Lou about it.

You can also visit the webpage of the NIMBioS working group : http://www.nimbios.org/workinggroups/WG_risk

Title of Lou’s presentation: “A Rational Basis for Hope: Human Behavior Modeling and Climate Change”


It is easy to lose confidence in the capacity for human social and political systems to respond effectively to the challenges from rising average global temperature and associated climate change. A working group of diverse researchers with backgrounds in mathematical modeling, climate science, psychology, sociology, geography and ecology has addressed the question as to whether there is any rational basis to expect that human behavioral changes can sufficiently impact climate to significantly reduce future mean global temperatures. Climate models can easily make assumptions about reductions in future greenhouse gas emissions and project the implications, but they do this with no rational basis for human responses. We have built this rational basis by developing a model based on a set of standard assumptions from the psychology literature in the theory of planned behavior, linking these to extreme events obtained from a climate model, and then allowing feedback to global emissions in a climate model on a yearly basis as affected by human behavior. The key result from this is that there is indeed some rational basis for hope, whereby a meaningful reduction of future average temperature occurs under circumstances in which mitigation arises from infrastructure changes which allow for cumulative impacts.

3 Other Possible Topics and Papers

3.1 Digital Social Norm Enforcement:

Title Date Authors url pdf
Online Firestorms in Social Media 2016 Rost et al. plosOne pdf
The digital outcry: What incites participation behavior in an online firestorm? 2017 Johnen et al. sagepub pdf
Normative Change and Culture of Hate: An Experiment in Online Environments 2018 Alvarez et al. academic.oup.com pdf

3.2 Effect of Stress and Intense event on the Evolution of Society

Title Date Authors url pdf

3.3 Debates and Issues around data (Big Data, AI generated data,…)

Title Date Authors url pdf