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This paper received world-wide media coverage:

  • NBC News: New shows Russian propaganda may really have helped Trump
  • MSNBC Morning Joe: Russian propaganda may have helped Trump, study suggests
  • Politico: Study: Russian trolls made a difference in 2016
  • The Hill: New study suggests Trump's 2016 poll numbers rose after increased Russian troll farm tweets
  • Knoxville News Sentinel: New study from UT shows Russian propaganda may have actually helped Trump win
  • Nashville Fox affiliate: University of Tennessee researchers find Russian organization influenced opinion polls
  • Axios: Study finds correlation between Russian social media trolls and 2016 polling
  • BoingBoing.net: Trump poll numbers went up each time Russian Internet Research Agency Twitter accounts became active: Study
  • Washington Post op-ed: No, Russian Twitter trolls didn't demonstrably push Trump's poll numbers higher

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